Risk & Resilience

Risk & Resilience

Risk & Resilience

In 2008 with the global banking crisis tens of thousands of companies disappeared completely from our global supply chain networks.

In 2011 a Tsunami in Japan caused havoc and supply chain disruption particularly in the high tech electronics industries.

In 2018 Carillion  which employed 43,000 people  providing services in defence, education, health and transport collapsed, became the largest construction bankruptcy in British history, leaving behind the carnage of  tens of thousands of suppliers being unpaid and contracts unfulfilled. 

In 2019 we still don’t know the impact of Brexit on our supply chain networks.

Procurement need to understand, manage and mitigate risk, and pro-actively plan, design and build robust and resilient supply chains networks, in a way that can rapidly respond and adapt to disruptions and to protect their business and stakeholders.

We’ll provide strategies, tools and techniques to enable your company  to do just that.

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