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Ethics & Sustainability in Procurement

Here we focus on the important role of procurement professionals and provide practical tools and techniques for developing and driving Sustainable Procurement practices.

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Negotiation – Power and the 5th Dimension

Negotiation  “…the use of information and power to affect behaviour within a web of tension “  Herb Cohen

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Risk & Resilience

Procurement need to understand, manage and mitigate risk, and pro-actively plan, design and build robust and resilient supply chains networks, in a way that can rapidly respond and adapt to disruptions and to protect their business and stakeholders.

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Technology in Procurement

Technology from 3D Printing through to AI and Robotics are transforming the global business competitive landscape. Learn how to embrace and use these disruptive tools and technologies to realise and release value from your supply chain networks to provide and sustain new competitive advantages.

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Category Management in Procurement

Learn category management strategies, tools and techniques to maximise procurement spend to realise long-term value for the whole organisation through the alignment of the supply and value chain with stakeholder and company business goals and objectives.

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Leadership in Procurement

We examine some of the different constructs and behaviours from different leadership models to include Situational, Transformational and Servant Leadership that will help the procurement leader to understand, manage, facilitate and navigate the change process.

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